Monday, November 26, 2018


Let's wrap up this month of mecha with an adaptation of one of my favorite mecha series (as well as one of the first ones I ever watched).

GURREN LAGANN (Tengan Toppan Gurren Lagann), based on the series by GAINAX and Kazuki Nakashima, with art by Kotaro Mori.  First published in 2007 and first published in North America in 2009.


Simon is a lowly digger in the underground city of Ghia.  His only friend is his 'big bro' Kamina, a teenage rebel who wants nothing more than to see the surface.  Their adventure begins when a giant robot falls through the ceiling, followed shortly by a beautiful, rifle-wielding girl named Yoko.  They all escape together in a small, head-shaped robot that Simon found while digging, but the surface world is full of new people, robots, and danger.

Monday, November 19, 2018


BROKEN BLADE (Bureiku Bureido), by Yunosuke Yoshinaga.  First published in 2007 and first published in North America in 2009.


Rygart Arrow is a one-in-a-million sort of guy.  He lives in a world where people can manipulate quartz to obtain magic energy and fight an endless war, but Rygart is completely unable to do so.  His father even went so far as to send Rygart to military school to try and develop some sort of ability, but all Rygart got out of it was a lot of debt and some friends in high places.

Years later, Rygart is summoned by one of those old school friends, who now happens to be king.  It seems that the military discovered an ancient mech suit in a quartz mine, but no one has been able to start it.  When Rygart climbs in, the suit comes to life, but now Rygart finds himself in a battle against a massive army as well as another old friend.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Sadly, for every quality mecha manga like last week's example, there are plenty more like today's selection: one where it is merely an accessory to a lot of nonsense and bad ideas.

KANNAZUKI NO MIKO: DESTINY OF THE SHRINE MAIDEN, by Kaishaku.  First published in 2004 and first published in North America in 2008.


Himeko is a passive, insecure young girl who is not only friends with the class idol Chikane, but is secretly admired from afar by the handsome and mysterious Souma.  Her quaint life and happy friendship is broken when a strange eclipse lets loose demonic forces and powerful robot suits in order to try and kill her.  Himeko is saved by a combination of Chikane's kiss and Souma switching sides and fighting back the demons.  Now their fates are tied together by an ancient prophecy where the girls must seal the evil away...if it doesn't tear them apart first.

Friday, November 2, 2018


Well, in the past I've dedicated this month to both Evangelion manga and Gundam manga.  I might as well keep up this trend and explore some of the other mecha manga out there, starting with a beloved franchise from the olden days.

PATLABOR (Kido Keisatsu Patlabor), by Masami Yuki, based on the series created by HEADGEAR.  First published in 1988 and first published in North America in 1998.


In the near future, Tokyo is full of powered robotic suits called "labors."  Most of them are used for construction and other forms of industry, but there are those who would use them for crime.  To combat this, the Tokyo Police creates a labor force of their own under the guidance of the laid-back Captain Goto.  Goto assembles a ragtag crew of cadets to pilot these labors, ranging from the loud, thuggish Isao Ota to abrasive Asuma Shinohara to tiny, eager Noa Izumi.  Together they must prove their value to their superiors and the city at least, as soon as they learn to work together.